Elgin ISD families hear from district leaders on improving school safety

Elgin ISD families had the opportunity to talk to district leaders about how the school district can improve their safety. 

The school district invited parents to the safety forum to gather input and feedback.

During the meeting, parents were able to discuss what the school district is excelling in and where they can improve their safety and security.

Last month, Elgin police responded to threats at Elgin High School that there was someone with a weapon. A report was made, but no weapon was found.

Then police got information that someone was threatening to pull the fire alarm, and that a shooting would follow.

Officers were already at the school when a fire alarm went off. The school district told FOX 7 that it was a malfunction and that they will be fixing those alarms.

With over 150 parents' staff and students in attendance, most of them were happy to hear that the school district is addressing these issues. 

"I know I can't have instant gratification that the moment something happens, I can't be updated within minutes," said concerned mother Morgan Louvier. "Staff have to handle what's happening on campus and address what's going on."

"Explaining the entire situation in detail over the phone will cause panic, and so they hold back a little bit," said Elgin High School senior Bieryn Elliott. "They give enough information to know everyone is okay."


Since the incidents occurred last month, the school district has added handheld metal detectors. Staff members are training to use the device.

The school district says they will go through the thousands of comments parents made and reach out on what the next steps are for the district.