Assault, shooting threat at Elgin High School draws police response

The Elgin Police Department says it responded two days in a row to Elgin High School this week.

Parents have been reaching out to FOX 7 Austin all week with concerns about incidents at Elgin High School.

EPD says officers responded on the morning of April 24 to the school for a report of an assault. There was no immediate evidence that a weapon had been used, but a report was generated.

The next day, officers were called back to the school to investigate reports of someone making threats to pull the fire alarm followed by a shooting.

The fire alarm was activated while police were on scene and students were evacuated by school personnel. In a reverse 911 alert sent at 12:40 p.m. April 25, police said the fire department cleared the building and students would be allowed back inside.


Elgin police are investigating both incidents. The April 25 incident is being investigated as a Terroristic Threat.

Elgin police also stated that it "stands ready" to support Elgin ISD and its security personnel.

Anyone with information related to these incidents is asked to contact Commander Aaron Crim at 512-285-5757 or