Williamson County Deputies Association raising funds to give bikes to students with perfect attendance

The Williamson County Deputies Association has teamed up with Purl Elementary School in Georgetown ISD to gift a bike to every student with perfect attendance, but they need the community's help to raise funds.

Purl Elementary School in Georgetown ISD has struggled with attendance. It has the lowest rate in the district, so the Williamson County Deputies Association came up with an incentive to give a free bike to every child with perfect attendance.

"When we first started this, we expected you know, 40 or 50 bikes we’re going to have to purchase, we’re right at 178 bikes right now," Williamson County Deputies Association President Charles Duvall said.

Deputy Duvall said the more, the merrier.

"When we sat down with the principal the first day that we talked about doing this, there wasn’t a single bike in the bike rack and I want that whole bike rack to be full next year when all those kids show up to school," Deputy Duvall said.

He said it’s important for kids to stay in school and learn valuable lessons.

"Having kids in school develops those social skills, so those kids are able to communicate and better prepare themselves for when they become adults and, in the workplace, and in the work environment," Deputy Duvall said.

They are rewarding students’ hard work and dedication to education.

"Our goal was to not only bridge that gap between the youth and law enforcement but also to show these kids that their hard work and dedication towards a goal does get rewarded in the end," Deputy Duvall said.


The Williamson County Deputies Association is looking to raise about $20,000 to purchase almost 200 bikes.

"It’s encouraging these kids and what better time than right before summer when they’re getting out of school to give them a new bike so they’re not cooped up all summer long, they’re outside riding their bike and now all their friends have bikes too," Deputy Duvall said.

Follow the link here if you would like to contribute to the cause. The students will receive the bikes on May 18.