Most expensive senior assisted living places: Central Texas cities top state list

Three Central Texas cities top the list of the most expensive places for senior assisted living in the state, according to a new study by Seniorly. 

Seniorly’s study shows that making that decision could come with a hefty price tag, at least in Central Texas. 

"Because of inflation, you’re looking at the cost of everything," said Marlena del Hierro, vice president of partnerships and commercial strategy at Seniorly. "From the caregivers in these communities to the milk in the community. We want to make sure that our families have as much information as possible and make the best decision for their loved one or for themselves."

It found that Georgetown, Austin, and Round Rock made the top seven most expensive cities in Texas for senior assisted living. Georgetown ranked number one in the state and number 43 in the nation.

"The real estate in Georgetown, the real estate in certain areas can be higher amounts than certain areas in Austin, and then, again, you’re going to look at the demand," said del Hierro. "If Georgetown, for example, they're full and they don't have as many options like Austin would, there would be a cost increase. Now, I'm not saying that's it, but that could be another factor."


This reality is something Serita Lacasse knows all too well. "The cost of living for seniors is kind of out of control right now," said Lacasse.

Lacasse is the executive director of Senior Access, which provides Central Texas seniors with free transportation to doctor's appointments, grocery stores, and more.

"We help them stay in their homes as long as possible because they can’t afford to go to assisted living."

The price of growing older is something she understands on a personal level too.

"When it affects your own family, it’s a whole different ballpark," said Lacasse.

After losing her dad two years ago, her mom made the transition to assisted living. "It's a whirlwind," said Lacasse. "You think you know everything and you really don’t."

That's why she and del Hierro urge people to find the resources and community that can help make the senior years a bit easier.

"There are so many other things and other services out there in your city that do exist, and almost help plan," said del Hierro.

"Don’t think you can just do it all by yourself," said Lacasse. "It’s okay to ask for help."

A few other groups that help seniors in Williamson County are Faith in Action and A Place for Mom.