Suspect in custody after two shot near Republic Square in downtown Austin

The Republic Square Park bus stop has heavy foot traffic on the regular. A rider, who chose not to give his name, is one of those people who take the bus often. He was stunned after hearing about a shooting at the bus stop. It happened shortly before he got there.

"That's scary, right in front of Republic Square Park too? That's dangerous," he said.

Austin police are investigating the shooting that happened around 7:30 am, at the beginning of rush hour, in broad daylight. 

Austin-Travis County EMS officials said two people were injured and taken to Dell Seton Medical Center. One of the victims was a cousin of Michael Bunton. He showed up right after it happened.

"I just saw my little cousin lying on the ground. I didn't have a phone to call anybody so I guess his wife did," said Bunton.

Witnesses said the shooting stemmed from an argument over bus passes.

"A guy came through and asked people did they want to buy a bus pass. Nobody had money. He got hysterical and he started shooting," said Bunton.

Immediately following the shooting, police put out an alert to look for a man in a yellow shirt, on a bicycle. Bunton said the suspect did not look familiar to him or anyone else.

"I don't think they have seen the guy, he never did come up here while I was up here," he said.

Police did track down and arrest the suspect later Monday morning. For many who ride the bus, the idea of a blatant and visible shooting here, is unsettling.

"What was on the person's mind? What was going on? Was this person having a bad day? Mental problems?" said the rider.