Slain Hutto sergeant's mother testifies of day 2 of murder trial

It was another tear-filled day in a Williamson County courtroom as Hutto officer took the stand, describing the final moments of Sergeant Chris Kelley's life. 

Kelley was killed when a suspect he was pursuing ran him over in his own patrol car.

Dash camera video from June 24, 2015 shows gut-wrenching images of officers trying to revive Sergeant Chris Kelley. "C'mon Kelley. C'mon Kelley," Sgt. Paul Leal repeats in the video. 

Kelley had just been run over by his own patrol car.

Colby Williamson was behind the wheel. He is now on trial for murder. 

Williamson is capture on video running from Hutto Police four times. 

First - speeding off to avoid a traffic stop and striking a fire hydrant. Then, running on foot.

When Kelley tries to put him in handcuffs, Williamson jumps in the driver's seat of his patrol car and drives off, striking and killing Kelley. He runs once more before police finally get him in handcuffs. 

Lieutenant Dewayne Jones arrives as Sergeant Paul leal is performing CPR on Kelley's limp body. 

Prosecutor: "There was blood in his mouth, Was it elsewhere?"

Jones: " His head, his ears."

Prosecutor: "A little bit or a lot?"

Jones: "A lot."

Prosecutor: "When you saw that what did you think?"

Jones: "I thought we lost him."

The medical examiner testified that a tire ran over Kelley's head, crushing it. 

He says Kelley sustained what is called a hinge fracture on the back of his skull. "It is an extensive fracture that is a very severe fracture that no one survives," said Kendall Crowns, medical examiner.

Kelley's mother Barbara testified about the moment she saw her son in the hospital. 

"The most unimaginable horror you'd ever see. I could see a towel stuffed behind his head. It was all bloody. His beautiful face. His head was misshapen," said Barbara Kelley. 

When prosecutors showed her an autopsy photo, emotions of that day returned.

She cried out when identifying him. 

The trial picks back up Thursday morning at 9 a.m.