Southwest flight from Austin to Chicago redirected after dispute

A Southwest flight traveling from Austin to Chicago was turned around in the air after a fight on board.

Austin police said they arrested one person from that flight.  Southwest flight 3590 was already delayed when it took off from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport headed for Chicago Midway, but not long after taking to the sky the flight was turned around.

Lisa Birkman, a passenger on the flight, said 20 to 30 minutes after takeoff she heard people yelling toward the back of the plane.

A flight attendant had one passenger change seats and a witness said a man had reached over his seat and punched another man.

The pilot then announced the flight would be returning to the Austin airport.

Lisa said the plane did indeed turn around and a flight attendant told her a couple people would be escorted off the aircraft.

Once the plane landed safely in Austin, the pilot asked all passengers to remain seated and Austin police escorted two young adult males off the flight.
Lisa said a couple of other passengers chose to get off the airplane, but the majority stayed on board.
Austin police said one man was arrested following the incident.

The plane was refueled and departed ABIA for the second time at 6 p.m. 

ABIA originally confirmed the flight never took off from Austin before the disturbance.