Investigators waiting for autopsy results on body found in Spring Branch

A body found Friday night is believed to be that of a Spring Branch woman who was reported missing in mid-July.

The possible remains of 45-year-old Shana DiMambro were found in a dry retention pond just a few hundred feet from the RV she shared with her husband, who reported her missing on July 19th.

"The body…was decomposed," says Abel Peña with missing persons nonprofit Project Absentis. "It was quite almost unrecognizable with the exception of a tattoo."

Investigators are waiting on autopsy results, but believe the tattoo is DiMambro's.

"There's just an enormous amount of investigation, investigation still left to do," said Peña.

Donald "DJ" Seeger helped locate the body. "It was just getting really, really discouraging. So to finally see it, I mean, I started crying…"

Seeger, who owns Seeger Water, had been working in the area the day DiMambro was reported missing and was perplexed. He hadn't seen anything unusual in the quiet rural area. 


"I thought, you know. We have the resources as a company, both with GIS mapping. We've got off road vehicles. We've got accurate maps of the area," Seeger said. "I thought, you know, we could certainly help put together a search."

The body was found during a search of a private ranch, which Seeger says took him several days and even records requests to set up.

"If you own a large piece of property, please put your contact info at the gate because it could have been something like a fire, a brush fire inside the gate," Seeger said. "There's no way to contact the owner."

At this time investigators haven't said if they believe foul play is involved.