Stagecoach Inn to reopen historic restaurant with Georgetown's Monument Café

With the help of Monument Café in Georgetown, the Stagecoach Inn will reopen a newly renovated restaurant this fall. 

"There's just something about the Stagecoach restaurant that people want, and it’s not just the people that have been here for decades either," said Cole Di Carlo, the director of sales and marketing at Alexa Management. "It’s people that are fairly new to the area."

The Stagecoach Inn welcomed its first guest in 1860. The restaurant followed in 1940, changing the landscape for Salado.

"The restaurant, I mean, that’s kind of what put Salado and the Stagecoach Inn and restaurant on the map," said Di Carlo.

The restaurant closed its doors in June 2023 while under different management. But now, signs on the doors share some good news: The restaurant is under renovation.

Di Carlo said it’ll reopen with some new flavors from just down I-35 in Georgetown, The Monument Café.

"What we want to do is honor a lot of the recipes and menu items that Stagecoach originally had and a nod towards the future," said Rusty Winkstern, the owner of Monument Café.

In its glory days, the Stagecoach Inn’s restaurant was known for its southern cooking, even something called a strawberry kiss.

"We’re going to honor that with a strawberry cream cheese pie," said Winkstern. "I don’t know if I can really execute as well as they did on the strawberry kiss."

The menu will keep some of its most famous items, like the hush puppies, and replace others, such as a tomato gelatin recipe, better known as aspic, with more modern classics from the Monument Café and El Monumento.


"Having him and his team behind it is going to be just phenomenal," said Di Carlo.

It’ll be a bite of history, hopefully, tasty enough to keep visitors coming back for another 160 years.

"It's in a prime location, it’s a beautiful old building with tons of history and lots of stories or memories," said Di Carlo. "I think that coming back online is going to infuse a whole lot of joy and excitement."