Street resurfacing projects begin in Georgetown

Streets in Georgetown are getting resurfaced over the next couple of months.

Street resurfacing projects are expected to be completed this summer and fall, says the city. Work began Aug. 7 and can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical issues, and product availability.

The schedule will be updated here and via Nextdoor and flyers will be placed on doors as work is scheduled.

The City is using two types of street resurfacing products:

Hot-in-place recycling

Hot-in-place recycling is an alternative to mill and asphalt overlay in which existing pavement is heated, removed, ground, and mixed with new material to create a new asphalt surface. 

The city says this process is completed in a single pass with multiple machines in line to decrease the closure time.

Streets in the North College Street, Williams Addition, San Gabriel Heights, and River Ridge neighborhoods are scheduled for repaving this summer and fall. Work in the Pecan Branch North neighborhood started on Aug. 7.

Streets will not be closed, but drivers should expect delays and are encouraged to choose alternate routes. Flaggers will be present to assist drivers.

High-performance surface seal

As part of this surface treatment, a sealant is applied to the surface of the roadway, reducing damage from UV radiation, water, and vehicle traffic. 

Street sealant work is planned for streets in Thousand Oaks, River Bend, Sun City, Westhaven, LaConterra, and Pinnacle neighborhoods this summer and fall. Sealant work will start on Aug. 16. 

On the day work is scheduled, the streets will be closed to traffic for 24 hours. Streets will be blocked off at 8 a.m. and will be reopened the following day at 8 a.m.  


Streets were selected for resurfacing treatments based on the Pavement Condition Index study that grades roadway surface conditions and recommends treatments based on road conditions and traffic volumes.  

The last study was completed in 2018, says the city, and a new study will be completed later this year.

For updates on the paving schedule and a complete list of projects, click here.