Suspects use skateboards to attack man

Authorities are searching for several suspects in the beating of a man in Downtown Orlando. 

The Orlando Police Department obtained video of the incident, in which several suspects, possibly in their late teens to early twenties, are seen using their skateboards to attack a man.  The brutal beating happened months earlier in the area of Central Blvd. and Court Ave.  Investigators are also looking for those who may have witnessed the incident. 

Police said, at one point, the victim tried to get away, but several of the skateboarders surrounded him and continued to attack.  They still don't know what exactly led up is to an argument between the victim and the group of skateboarders. They want to get the whole picture.

"As of right now, we're releasing a 60-second clip of what's happened. We don't know maybe what happened before this video started. We may not know what happened after this video started," explained Cory Burkarth, spokesman for the Orlando Police Department. "However, you can see on the video there are a number of witnesses who are at that scene that night downtown, and they watched what happened. They saw it and had very good looks at who the individuals are."

The victims told officers different stories about how the fighting started.  

Josue Sanchez says he and his friend, Brett Thompson, were talking to a group of women when the skateboarders tried to talk to the women, triggering the fight.

Thompson says the altercation was triggered after one of the skateboarders almost hit them while performing a trick. Thompson lost consciousness and was taken to a hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to call OPD or Crimeline at 800-423-TIPS (8477).


The Associated Press contributed to this report.