Texans react to Supreme Court health care ruling

Texans are reacting to the Supreme Court decision upholding subsidies through President Obama's health care law.

The ruling means that nearly 1 million Texans get to keep their coverage.

"They don't have to worry tomorrow about their coverage," said Jose Camacho, the executive director of the Texas Association of Community Health Centers. Camacho applauds the decision. "The subsidies are very important to working Texans so they can purchase their insurance. It's not free but subsidized," he added.

Most Texans covered through the federal exchange receive tax credits averaging $247 per policy holder.

"I'm really excited. It's vindication of hard work and for millions of Americans who need healthcare," said J.D. Gins, the executive director of the Travis County Democrats.

Republicans were quick to respond with their disappointment to the decision.

"It's deeply disappointing for conservatives and Republicans across the country," said GOP consultant Matt Mackowiak.

Both Gins and Mackowiak can agree that healthcare will be a key issue going forward.

"I do expect we are going to hear a lot about this. I don't think the Republican party is ready to let this go," said Gins.

"There are a lot of conservatives who say we don't want to fix Obamacare. You're going to see all the presidential candidates offer their own plans and it raises the stakes in 2016. It increases the importance that we have a Republican in the White House who would sign a repeal and replace bill," said Mackowiak.

Before the next president moves into the White House Camacho hopes more Texans will get covered.

"I hope that in some way shape or form coverage becomes something that we can expect that we can count on what the system is," said Camacho.

Governor Greg Abbott, in a statement, said the high court abandoned the constitution. Attorney General Ken Paxton calls the decision unfortunate news.