Texas GOP says NO to Log Cabin Republicans at state convention

As Democrats in Iowa pushed a candidate married to another man into contention for the presidency, gay conservatives in Texas, known as Log Cabin Republicans once again waged a losing battle to get a booth at their party's state convention.

With a letter of support from charismatic Congressman Dan Crenshaw and even a nod for inclusion from both Senator John Cornyn and Texas Young Republicans, hopes of a breakthrough had been high among the Log Cabin crew.

"There's nothing about being gay that means you can't be for limited government and maximum freedom," said Marco Roberts of the Houston Log Cabin Republicans.

But staunch social conservatives like State Senator Bob Hall fought inclusion ferociously.

"When you erode our relationship with God, you make us no different than the Democrats," said Hall comparing Log Cabin Republicans with snakes that would eventually poison the party.

Hall's view prevailed and the Log Cabin request for a booth and recognition was tabled.

Roberts said LC Republicans would continue their efforts at persuasion.

"You cannot effectively defend freedom when you are only defending it for yourself. The only way to effectively do it is when you do it for all," said Roberts.

Former Houston City Council candidate and rising Republican prospect Anthony Dolcefino says the Texas GOP shouldn't fear broadening its tent will compromise core beliefs.

"While we are squabbling about that, our state gets bluer and bluer each cycle. I think that the mentality of keeping people out is wrong. We need as many people as possible knocking on doors talking to voters and that doesn't mean you have to go back on your principles," said Dolcefino.

Tuesday afternoon Fox 26 spoke with GOP State Committee member J.T. Edwards who supports allowing a Log Cabin Republican booth at the party's state convention.

Edwards says there's still a chance the party's executive leadership could reverse the current ruling and allow LCB participation when Republicans gather in Houston May 14-16.