Flo Rida performs at packed free concert after Texas-Alabama game

After a hard-fought Texas-Alabama football game, fans got to enjoy a free concert from Flo Rida at Longhorn City Limits.

"I couldn't ask for any better for a free concert, that's pretty great, the energy was great in the crowd today," Texas fan Sam Wollenburg said.

"It's amazing. This is the best free concert I've ever been to. This is awesome," Texas fan Nathan Frohman said.

"The concert, it's awesome. Even though we lost, we make up for it with the concert. We're the University of Texas baby, and we know how to rock," Texas fan Dewayne Clemmons said.

The rapper even invited excited fans on stage.

Longhorn fans enjoyed themselves despite the game loss.

"It was a bummer that we lost, but we were really close, and I'm really happy we were at least competitive in the game," Frohman said.


"I was disappointed, we lost by one point. The fact that the field goal happened in the last ten seconds pissed me off, we had it!" Zaina Ghaffar said.

Some Alabama fans say they were nervous during the game.

"I almost dropped dead of a heart attack. I was checking my pulse between quarters," Richard Wright said.

"I knew we were going to pull it out, but I still don't like how it rolled out. You all played a heck of a game, UT's on the rise, and we're excited about you coming to the SEC," Mark Martin said.