Thieves skimming credit cards at Round Rock gas stations

If you've recently stopped at a gas station in Round Rock, pay attention to your card statements. Police have filed several reports on credit card skimmers around the area.

“It's typically a small device placed on or inside where the card is swiped or inserted and that device captures the information on the card's magnetic stripe,” said Matt Schulz, Sr. Analyst with

The burden is not just on customers, police are encouraging gas stations to check for these little devices.

“Skimming at gas stations is pretty common and getting more and more so. It's probably not going to change anytime soon,” said Schulz.

Here are some tips to reduce your risk
1. Use a credit card instead of a debit. Credit disputes tend to be easier to resolve.

2. Police say if you have to use a debit card, use the credit option, that keeps you from having to enter your pin number

The less info thieves have on the debit card, the better. But it's still safer to not use the debit at all. Another tip...check the machine. If it looks like someone's tampered with it, don’t mess with it.

“When in doubt, pay in person,” said Schulz.

If you see anything suspicious at a pump, police say call them, don't tamper further with it.

It is important to regularly check your credit card and bank statements and monitor for any weird activity. If you know who may be installing these skimmers in round rock police at 512-671-2806