Thieves steal medical equipment worth thousands from Austin medical business

Monday morning, home medical supply business owner Nick Murphey got an unpleasant surprise.

“The trailer that was sitting right here was gone,” said Nick Murphey, co-owner of Kerring Group Home Medical.

Surveillance cameras captured a man and a woman stealing the trailer full of $80,000 of equipment.

“What they took were some already promised, complex rehab power chairs to my clients,” said Murphey.

Murphey says before the incident, he called his clients, telling them to expect to get their chairs soon, but now that is delayed. He is confident his insurance will help the company, but he's more worried about his clients.

“When you're trying to get this equipment through the Medicare system and through insurances, it's not something that happens overnight. So these poor people who can't walk and are suffering, they have to wait months,” said Murphey.

He just hopes somebody can recognize these people, because they may not realize how many lives, they've affected.

“You steal from a business person that's bad. You steal from a business person who's helping the most needy of our society and community, you're messing with the community now,” said Murphey.

If you have any information call the Austin Police Department 512-472-TIPS .