Thousands of Easter eggs dropped from helicopter at Santa Rita Ranch

Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill held their Easter Bunny Bonanza Saturday. They call it their biggest event to date. 

About 3,500 people were in attendance.

There was an egg drop from helicopters, as well as other activities like inflatables and face painting. 

In total there were 80,000 eggs. Plastic eggs were dropped from helicopters for different age groups, and children ran to get as many eggs as they could. 

Children describe what they saw through their eyes.

"Like tiny dots falling from the airplane," 7-year-old Akshara said.

"It was crazy how they got all the eggs on that little, tiny helicopter," 9-year-old Ruby said.

"From the airplane, the beads are falling out," 7-year-old Pranawi said.

"It was like raining eggs. Some of the hit me in the face, and it was just funny," 11-year-old Jeremiah said. "It was fun getting hit and getting the eggs."

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Santa Rita Ranch lifestyle director Karlien Cordier said the eggs were originally supposed to be dropped from a hot air balloon, but wind gusts were an issue. They made a last-minute call to do helicopters instead.

"A lot of communities actually drop eggs from the sky via helicopter," she said.

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Kids were very busy on the ground, and everyone left with full buckets of eggs and full hearts.

"[My kids] were very independent about it. No help needed from Mom," parent Dixie Lupi said. "I couldn't have kept up with them."

"We're about families coming together, building family bonds, and neighbors getting to know each other," Cordier said.

As for next year, Cordier says they'll probably have something a little different in the works.