Tollway crash caused by driver backing up after missing exit

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Surveillance video from a Tuesday morning crash illustrates how stupid decisions behind the wheel can put other drivers in danger.

The crash happened on a brand new stretch of the 360 Tollway just south of I-20 in Grand Prairie.

Watching just the end of the video, it looks like a truck driver losing control and slamming into the center median. But a closer look at the video reveals the dump truck was actually avoiding a PT Cruiser. It can all be chalked up to idiotic behavior.

“Certainly backing up on a high-speed tollway is not a safe procedure under any circumstances,” said Michael Rey with the NTTA.

Video shows the PT Cruiser backing up, stopping, pulling forward, backing up again and weaving between lanes apparently because the driver missed an exit.

Even after the first close call with another vehicle, the driver kept going. There were two full minutes of risky reversing before the dump truck crash. After the accident, another driver hit the back of the PT Cruiser.

Fortunately, no serious injuries came out of the ordeal, but damage to the median will mean delays down the road.

“Right now, the southbound side of 360 Tollway does have that lane repair, and you'll note that for the next few days if not weeks,” Rey said.

The driver of the PT Cruiser was cited for interfering with safety and failing to maintain financial responsibility. The dump truck driver was not ticketed. The driver of the truck that hit the PT cruiser received a ticket for not having a driver's license.  

Anyone who gets stuck on a toll road in the North Texas area is encouraged to call #999 and the NTTA will assist you.