Tornado survivors in Granger in need of large debris removal

This week Williamson County finished its initial assessment of tornado damage. 

Officials reported 1119 buildings received some type of damage from the tornados throughout the area. One of those damaged buildings was Rick Hertless’s home in Granger along with two others on his property. All three were destroyed. He was inside his home during the storm. "When the house lifted up and it started moving I thought this could be it," said Hertless.

Hertless said the 15 minutes it took for the tornado to pass through felt like an eternity. "I got my family, that’s all I care about and that’s all I still care about." He is now staying in an RV while he works to clean up debris.

The main thing Hertless says he needs right now is equipment that can pick up the large piles of debris and put them into cargo containers on his land. These debris piles are found throughout his property.

Despite the destruction before him, Hertless said he is positive about the future. "It is what it is and it’s just stuff, what are you going to do. You can’t snap your fingers and make it all go away so just keep on walking."

Since the storm, Hertless said a countless number of people have gone out of their way to help him. He even began to lose his voice in the process as he said he’s been talking nonstop with people since the storm passed. "It’s been a blessing just seeing people come out of the woodwork just seeing people stop by and saying they want to help."

The Granger community is working to hold a benefit this Saturday at noon at the Cotton Club to help survivors, like Hertless, get back on their feet.

"The community has been so awesome I can’t say it enough. I praise God for the community," said Hertless.

Williamson County has opened a resource center at the Expo Center in Taylor this week to assist all tornado survivors whether they live in a county or not. The resource center is located at 5350 Bill Pickett Trail. The hours will be as follow:

  • Wednesday, March 30th 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Thursday, march 31st 9 AM to 3 PM

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