Officials warn about toxic algae in Lake Travis after dog's death

There is a new warning about the dangers of toxic algae after the death of a dog that swam in Lake Travis.

The dog died on Thursday, July 4, after swimming in the water near Point Venture, says LCRA.

As of July 7, the dog's death has not been definitively linked to toxic algae, but LCRA says its biologists have taken samples of water and algae in that area. Test results will not be available for several days.

LCRA officials are warning people to keep their pets out of Lake Travis near Point Venture as well as keep all people and pets away from any floating algal mats or materials in the water.

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LCRA says it regularly monitors samples for cyanotoxins in lakes Buchanan, Inks, LBJ, Marble Falls, Travis, Bastrop and Fayette. While testing has not found levels harmful to humans or pets since 2022, high concentrations of cyanotoxins has been consistently detected.


The City of Austin monitors algae in Lake Austin, Lady Bird Lake and Walter E. Long Lake. Lady Bird Lake has seen harmful algae blooms every year since 2019 when several dogs died after swimming in the lake, says the city.

As of June 25, potentially toxic algae has been spotted on Lake Austin at Jessica Hollis Park and Emma Long Park. A little algae has also been seen at the Walsh Boat Ramp and at the city's monitoring sites on Lady Bird Lake.

If you, a family member or pet have sudden, unexplained symptoms after swimming, the city of Austin advises contacting your medical provider, veterinarian or the Texas Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.