Travis County evictions on the rise: report

Evictions are on the rise in Travis County, according to a newly created dashboard.

The report and dashboard was put together by BASTA, an organization dedicated to helping Austin renters. 

The dashboard shows the pattern of evictions in Travis County from 2014 to 2024. According to the dashboard, the spike in evictions dropped during the pandemic and then jumped back up in 2023 with just over 10,500 evictions. 

It also predicts 2024 to be the highest year even in eviction filings. 


Data shows evictions are disproportionately filed where people of color live.

"Evictions can be so devastating to every part of a tenant's life, their physical well-being, their emotional well-being, and that of their family," said Noelia Mann, interim director with BASTA Eviction Mitigation Team.

The report calls for long-term rental assistance with vouchers, right to counsel, rental registries, fines and fees regulations and eviction prevention plans.