Two popular vegan food trucks were burglarized on “Small business Saturday” in East Austin

Around 4 a.m. on Saturday morning, a man broke into the Vegan Nom and Bruja’s Brew, both popular vegan food trucks. 

A security camera captured the thief stealing cash and electronics while damaging both trailers. The man noticed he was being filmed and attempted to destroy the security camera but was unsuccessful. 

Neither business has had the damage formally assessed yet, but plan to. Both say they are thankful things were not worse and are thankful for the community support.

Bruja’s Brew opened its doors just a few months ago.  “It really breaks my heart, it feels like they’re breaking into my own home because this is my home, really. I’ve built it, and now it’s vulnerable so now it’s scary,” explained owner Tiana Olivo.

The Vegan Nom has been open for a few years and is expanding. “There’s really a strong business community here, small business community in Austin, and we work hard and we’ve got people that count on us to show up for a job. And, we’ve got a business to do, and you know it really sets us back if you decide you’re gonna go and attack a business as far as breaking in.” said owner Chris Rios. 

The Vegan Nom is offering anyone with information leading to an arrest $250 and free tacos. If you know anything, you are asked to contact the Austin Police Department.