UIL meeting to discuss high school football referee hit

The University Interscholastic League is meeting to discuss possible sanctions against a school district and two San Antonio-area football players who tacked a ref during a game in Marble Falls.

By now many have seen the video from the Friday, September 4 game. It's gone viral and has people everywhere talking.

In the video, two football players from John Jay High School can be seen tackling a ref from behind and knocking him to the ground.

At 10 a.m. today, the State Executive Committee of the University Interscholastic League will hear a report from Northside ISD about the incident.

On September 8, Northside ISD offered a possible motive for the assault. The players allege the referee used racial slurs toward them. Adding fuel to the fire is an alleged statement from an assistant coach telling the players that the ref needs to pay.

The assistant coach is now on administrative leave and the students are suspended. The students could be expelled and face criminal charges.

Northside ISD Superintendent Dr. Brian Woods says, "The incident is shameful to us and yet in no way does it reflect what we stand for in our school district nor does it reflect the work that goes on at John Jay High School."

"Our responsibility as educators is to use this as best we can as a teaching moment to the rest of the students and athletes at John Jay High School as well as at all of our high schools," Dr. Woods adds.

The referee, who FOX 7 is not identifying, told the website Texas HS Football, "I like to keep my officiating quiet; unfortunately this will be big news. Libel and slander have already been committed against me. I will be contacting the appropriate people soon and any statement from me will come at a later date."

Today's 10 a.m. meeting is at the Austin Marriott in Round Rock and is open to the public.