UT students react to added DPS enforcement on campus following deadly South Austin stabbing

Class is back in session at UT and with it, the concern for safety.

Students aren't the only ones at the University of Texas at Austin as classes begin for the spring semester. DPS troopers have also begun increased patrols in the campus area following an order from Gov. Greg Abbott.

“There are sometimes where I do feel unsafe when some of the homeless population does make it into campus,” said Camille Johnson.

Johnson and Rhiley Fritz, both juniors at UT Austin, talked about the added DPS enforcement on the campus following a deadly stabbing by a homeless man at a Freebirds World Burrito on South Congress.

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“I feel like the security will help me feel more safe but like I don't necessarily feel unsafe when I’m walking around campus," Fritz said. "It's a very populated area, I mean there have been incidents that I’ve heard of where homeless have acted out on the student population."
While the attack didn't happen on campus, UT Austin is one of the areas where Abbott has ordered extra patrols. Other areas in his order include other state buildings across the city.

Johnson said in her three years at UT Austin, she's noticed the issue of homeless incidents on campus are better now versus when she was a freshman.

“Ever since, I think it was last year, it's been getting better progressively, my guess is from everything that's been happening,” said Johnson.

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Last week Safe Horns, an organization committed to improving safety on campus, said they were grateful for the added enforcement but wondered how long they would be there.

While both Johnson and Fritz agree added patrols help, they feel it's only a temporary solution to the issue.

“It goes a lot farther then security, we need to reach out and help these people,” said Fritz.

“I think we need to be able to help out our community more, I think they would fix the problem more than what the governor is doing now,” said Johnson.

For now, the two juniors say they welcome any added security to the campus.

Right now DPS has not stated how long these increased patrols will last.