UTPD investigating non-stranger sexual assault

The University of Texas Police Department is investigating a sexual assault that reportedly occurred on campus last semester.

UTPD says in a release a UT student contacted UTPD Monday to report a non-stranger sexual assault involving an acquaintance. The sexual assault occurred at an on campus residence hall during the spring 2019 semester.

UTPD says their Criminal Investigations Unit is actively investigating this incident.

According to UTPD, the most common type of sexual assault is perpetrated by someone the victim knows, instead of by a stranger. 

"Consent is enthusiastic agreement required by all and can be revoked at any time," UTPD said. "Sexual activity requires consciousness and clarity. 'I don’t want to' is always a good enough reason."

UT provides support to students, employees, staff, and visitors who have been a victim of a crime via Student Emergency Services and the Victims Advocate Network.