Veterans Day 2023: Austin and Kyle hold parades honoring those who served

From the streets of Kyle, Texas, to downtown Austin, crowds celebrated the service of central Texas Veterans on Saturday. 

On Congress Avenue in Austin, thousands waved American flags and saluted the men and women who sacrificed so much.RE

"The day of freedom, everything that us Americans are blessed with, and so we just want to celebrate all the veterans and all the citizens of the United States of America," said Marta Lyons, attending the Kyle parade.

Just south of Austin in Kyle, Tim Davila and his son waved at parade attendees from their car.

"I'm here with Tim Davila Jr," said Davila. "Both Veterans. We're here enjoying the veterans day parade in Kyle." 

Generations of families honored Veterans Day together

"We are celebrating all of the Veterans, especially my husband, who's a Vietnam Veteran, and my son who is an Iraq Veteran," said Lyons.


Kevin Spotts is here with his daughter.

"I served in the Marine Corps for six years, and we always like to come out and celebrate all the other veterans as well," said Spotts.

But parades so grand and loud can only capture a small fragment of immense gratitude,

"They're all braver than me, and I think it's well worth the salute from me, from us, to just say thank you for all you do," said FOX 7 Austin's Chief Meteorologist Scott Fisher.