VIDEO: Massive pot bust on Detroit's east side

Undercover police made a massive bust of a marijuana grow operation and confiscated at least a quarter of a million dollars in weed.

A FOX 2 viewer on Detroit's east side saw a lot of cops around a bar that's been closed for two years. We went to investigate and found out why they were there: they were breaking up a massive pot grow operation.

The tipster said a pot bust was happening at the old Stagecoach Lounge in Detroit just off Mt. Elliot and Outer Drive East. FOX 2 sent a crew and found exactly that: a large amount of marijuana had been cut and laid out in front of the business.

"You walk by - you smell it. It's not like they're doing a good job hiding the smell," Detroit Police Commander Timothy Leach said. "We're not stupid."

Detroit police said they pulled out more than 150 pot plants standing more than six feet tall.

According to sources at the scene, police have been monitoring the now-boarded up bar for at least three weeks before they raided it Wednesday.

"Most of the time they have a schedule of how to set up, how many rooms, how many plants to rooms. If you don't follow the guidelines, it's an illegal grow operation," Leach said.

Police said nobody was arrested in the raid because nobody was in the building.