Volunteers cleanup Tow neighborhood after storm destroys homes

Tuesday evening, a storm rolled through a neighborhood by the lake in Tow that left a path of destruction. Volunteers spent most of Wednesday cleaning up the neighborhood.

The damage is extensive in Tow. Two homes were crushed by fallen trees while others were left without roofs.

"[We want to] try to help these poor folks out here. I felt sorry for the people that live there. It's just horrible," said Adam White, volunteer.

Wednesday was a day dedicated to clean up after the storm rolled through a neighborhood near Lake Buchanan.

"It's mainly about helping people," said Ellie Stafford, who works with Tree Doctor.

Neighbors said the storm rolled in at 8:15 p.m. Tuesday. At first, they said it started raining, and the clouds looked beautiful, but that quickly turned into a storm with strong, unforgiving winds.

"We were watching how the rain looked, and it looked very pretty, you know, before everything started, and then, all of a sudden, we just started seeing wind pick up," said Elizabeth Solis, a volunteer.

Solis was staying at her aunt’s home in the neighborhood when the storm came through. Luckily her family’s home was not damaged. However, she was shocked to see what happened to the other neighbors.

"I ran out of the house to make sure all our neighbors were okay and there were pieces of roofs everywhere," said Solis.

The aftermath of the storm left trees on homes, roofs ripped off their structures, and debris everywhere. Volunteers say they came as soon as they heard help was needed.

"People need to take caution. These storms, they're for real," said Stafford.