Williamson County investigating how a K-9 was cared for

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office investigating how one of its dogs was cared for, after the K-9 was found to have fleas.

They say Sergeant Randy Batten was away on vacation when Drago was discovered with “fleas, ticks, and skin sores.”

In an emailed statement to FOX 7, a Sheriff’s Office spokesperson says Batten left for vacation on July 14. A supervisor told other deputies to check on the German Shepherd every 6 hours, because of the heat. During the first welfare check, they say, that’s when he was found with fleas.

Drago was taken to Premier Hospital in Cedar Park where he was cared for. Batten’s own dog, Skeeter, was also taken to the Vet and treated for fleas. Batten tells FOX 7, he asked someone from the Sheriff’s Office to check on Skeeter and take him in. He also says, he is paying for that bill not the County.

Batten also says that while he hasn’t been able to see Drago (because the County owns him), the veterinarian says he is fine, and that the fleas had not been there for very long. Batten adds that the doctor told him because Drago is outside frequently, and because it’s flea season that it’s not uncommon.

Both the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, and the veterinarian who owns Premier Hospital (Dr. Shane Daigle) declined to comment on Drago’s health, citing HIPAA laws.

Sgt. Batten says his dog, Skeeter is still at the veterinarian while his house is being exterminated.

The Williamson County Sheriff’s Office says that Drago will be taken care of by another handler until further notice. They also say any decision on where Drago will end up or what will happen to Sgt. Batten will be made once they finish their investigation.

Batten has been with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office for 22 years, more than 15 of those, he’s spent with the K-9 unit. His former dog Chico, was found dead after escaping his kennel during storms in March. According to the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office, Drago is 2 years old, and has been with the Department for roughly three months.