Williamson County LivePD fight escalates with protests, new lawyers

The hot button issue at the Williamson County Courthouse Tuesday wasn't about the outbreak, but about the on-going feud between Sheriff Robert Chody and the County Commissioners. Supporters for both sides gathered to voice their opinion, outside of the courthouse and inside.

The dispute seems to have gotten personal but is essentially about who has the authority to invite a tv show to town. Sheriff Chody earlier this year renewed an agreement with LivePD after the commissioners canceled a previous contract late last year. During the meeting, the sound of horns from protestors who support the Sheriff outside could be heard inside the building.

Estille Erickson-Collins was the only person to sign up and speak during public comment and praised the Commissioners for going after the Sheriff. "I am here today asking for accountability, Sheriff Chody should resign, this court should demand that resignation,” said Erickson-Collins.


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Ona Courville, a supporter of Sheriff Chody, believes the Commissioners are the ones who need to be out of a job. "We the people voted for Sheriff Chody, and we are going to vote the commissioners out because they are not following what the people say,” she said.

The commissioners voted to hire an outside law firm to look into filing a lawsuit against the sheriff and the LivePD producers. They didn’t say how much it would cost. Sheriff Chody told FOX 7 he would like to work things out, but has also hired a personal attorney, at his own expense, in case this fight lands in a courtroom.