Woman arrives to DC after walking topless from Mississippi for breast cancer awareness

A woman walked many miles to call attention to breast cancer.

Paulette Leaphart is just one of millions of Americans who has been affected by cancer, but she's doing what she can to make the world a better place for future generations.

Leaphart says we need action and although one hundred miles is far from a cake walk, walking from Mississippi to Washington D.C. was just a small part of her journey.

She arrived at the Capitol on Monday after walking 1,000 miles – topless.

“I walk topless for many reasons. The number one reason is to take the stigma and the shame away from women who have had the double mastectomies without reconstruction. They have no reason to be ashamed. And my walking across the country topless with no shame has healed so many women,” Leaphart told FOX 5.

Beyond removing the stigma, Leaphart also wants to see health care reform associated with the cost of treatment. She says she was lucky to have a car, furniture to sell to help cover her costs but, she knows many women are not as fortunate as she is.

Her arrival to D.C. landed on the same day as her 50th birthday.

“This birthday is special because so many women didn't see 50, Leaphart said.” “They fought the same battle.”

Pink is a color normally associated with breast cancer awareness but Leaphart explained to FOX 5 that she wore yellow because it is a color of hope and we no longer need awareness, we need a cure.