Woman shot at fireworks show in Downtown Detroit

A woman was shot just before the Ford Fireworks downtown Monday, according to Detroit police.

It is believed the woman was an innocent bystander wounded at Jefferson and Woodward during an argument amongst young adults nearby. The shooting happened near the Spirit of Detroit.

The 47-year-old victim was shot in the hip, she was taken to the hospital, Assistant Police Chief Arnold Williams said her wound is non-life threatening.

Two persons of interest have been detained and a weapon has been recovered, Williams said.

Second shooting reported downtown with two 17-year-olds wounded

"We saw a large group of people running from that area, once we got to that location we saw a female lying on the ground," said Assistant Chief Arnold Williams. "We talked to some of the witnesses who told us what happened, gave us a description, we recovered one weapon and there was two people we have detained who are persons of interest.

"You have two people who decided to do something stupid," Williams said. "They decide to end the argument with a weapon instead of talking it out as individuals and you had an innocent bystander who not even involved in the argument, who was wounded."

A person tweeted a photo of Detroit police comforting a young girl after the shooting happened.

Witness Chris Sollena was at the fireworks near the shooting and spoke to FOX 2 by phone.

"Eventually (police) just started arresting people right behind the Spirit of Detroit," said Chris Sollena, who added that the first responders got to the scene quickly. "The most heartbreaking thing that I saw was a little girl possibly her daughter being held by one of the female officers being comforted. They put a blanket around her. I feel really bad for the family.

2 shooting incidents during fireworks in downtown Detroit

"An innocent person just trying to watch the fireworks and something like that happens to her."

Separately, a second shooting was reported after the fireworks a few blocks away from the celebration. Two teens were injured in a shooting while they were sitting in their car. You can read more about that shooting here.

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