"Your church has risen": Salado dedicates rebuilt church destroyed by tornado

A year ago, an EF-3 tornado made its path through Cedar Valley in Salado

Multiple structures were destroyed, including First Cedar Valley Baptist Church.

And now a year after recovery the community gathered together for a church dedication.

"I have been overwhelmed by the people and their giving they're praying for us," said Pastor Donnie Jackson.

Jackson says the tornado has brought the community together.

"God knew that tornado was coming, but we didn't," Jackson said. "But He had everything in place."

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Throughout the year people have come to help volunteer to rebuild the church.

"The building finished in record time," said a church member. "It still is inflation and supply demand issues, trust me, we all had our doubts. Know what was good and what has purposed is this church coming together."

Governor Greg Abbott made remarks at Saturday morning's church dedication.

"Now, less than one year later, First Cedar Valley Baptist Church is back," Gov. Abbott said. "It's a miracle of sorts. God supported you, Texans supported you, and now your church has risen."

"This church, this community never wavered," Gov. Abbott said, "because your foundation was stronger than anything of that nature could throw at you."

During the dedication the governor presented Pastor Donnie Jackson with a proclamation.

"This journey will forever be edged in your congregation's memory," Governor Abbott said, "and it serves as a beautiful reminder that the church is indeed more than a building."