Texas State Baseball has strong push this season with help from true freshman

The Texas State Baseball team has won five straight games, and is making a strong push to repeat as Sun Belt regular-season champs. 

One of the Bobcats' top players is true freshman Chase Mora.

"Every time he does something. You just keep saying the word, ‘wow,'" said Steven Trout, Texas State Baseball head coach.

"I've always been able to throw hard. The bat's kind of struggled, and then sure enough this year, the bat's exceeding," said Chase Mora, Texas State second baseman.

Mora, who is batting .325 and has hit home runs in his first three at bats to start his career, has tacked on 12 more since then. And now leads the team with 15.

"I wasn't for sure if I was going to be an impact player. Then, sure enough I had the opportunity to come out here and start every day. So it's unbelievable experience and feeling," said Mora.

"To me, it's just fun to watch him weekly become a better hitter. Not just a power hitter, and he works at it," said Coach Trout.

While at Tomball High School, Mora, who is also a pitcher, only hit nine homers. So, where did all this newfound power come from? Well, he credits part of it to the rehab he went through after having tommy john surgery last June.


"It came from this fall. Like with Lance really putting me through the leg circuits and everything. Really getting my lower body stronger," said Mora.

"I think one, he just understands his body. Understands what he can do with the barrel. Then most importantly I think it's confidence to be honest with you. He knows that if he puts a good swing on it, it's going to go over the fence," said Coach Trout.

"I like to come out here and grind every day. Like we go to work. There are no days off," said Mora.

"He's the undersized guy. He's always been the undersized guy. He's the freshman coming off injury. Seems like he's always going to battle something like that. And he's like you know what. I'm out to prove people wrong. And so, obviously he's been a big boost to our team and our lineup. And yeah, we're lucky to have him," said Coach Trout.

Mora had plenty of other college options coming out of high school including: Baylor, Houston and Texas.