Video shows Cowboys WR Terrance Williams allegedly drunk

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Newly released police video gives a much different tale of the arrest of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrance Williams.

Frisco police arrested Williams for public intoxication early Saturday. It was just minutes after they found his Lamborghini wrecked out in a median.

Williams told the media he swerved to miss someone and jumped the curb. But that was different from the story he told police shortly before his arrest.

The player’s attorney told the Dallas Morning News that his client might have had a head injury. It might be the only possible explanation to the two very different stories Williams has told since the crash.

Williams hit the turf as Frisco police approached him in the early morning hours of May 19.

OFFICER: Are you okay, man?

WILLIAMS: I'm honestly fine. I play for the Dallas Cowboys and my name is Terrance Williams.

It was minutes after they pulled up on his blue Lamborghini wrecked in a median after taking down a light pole. But Williams told police he was not behind the wheel.

OFFICER: Where were you at tonight? What were y'all doing?

WILLIAMS: I was nowhere. I was literally in my house.

OFFICER: Did your friend have your car?

WILLIAMS: The whole time. Yes, sir.

OFFICER: Tell me what happened to your car up there, man?

WILLIAMS: My friend was a f***** idiot and I'm literally driving toward to see what happened to it. And I don't want to drive and be a f**** idiot.

Williams said his friend, former Baylor teammate and Vikings wide receiver Kendall Wright had the car and had called him to say there was a wreck. Police found Williams’ cell phone in the wrecked Lamborghini.

OFFICER: How did he call you on your cell phone if it's in the car?

WILLIAMS: Because, sir.

OFFICER: I'm just trying to think. I'm just trying to figure it out man.

WILLIAMS: I'm not trying to lie to you. I swear.

Williams later said Wright called someone at Williams’ home to tell him. But all the events just don't match up with the statement Williams released after it happened.

Williams initially stated that “the driver in front of me slammed on his brakes and I turned to the left and hopped the curb to avoid hitting him. I got his insurance information and my neighbor picked me up when my car wouldn't drive.”

In fact, Williams’ attorney even disputed he hit a light pole even though it can clearly be seen in the police evidence and could even be seen the next day.

On Thursday, Williams’ attorney blamed the misinformation on a possible head injury from the crash. Police ultimately arrested Williams early Saturday morning for public intoxication.

During the arrest, Williams slurred his speech and often repeated himself. At one point, he struggled to walk through a metal detector. But the whole time, he was constantly polite even as he was ushered off to jail.

Frisco police say the evidence did not rise to a DUI charge.

The Cowboys have not commented since the video release, but owner Jerry Jones told USA Today previously that he backed Williams and took his public statements at face value.

Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman put out a statement saying he talked to Wright and was assured this is no truth to the claims he had the car.