Antone's celebrates 60 years of sandwiches

It's National Sandwich Day and we're celebrating with a sub that's been enjoyed by Texas for 60 years: Antone's Famous Po' Boys.

Antone’s Famous Po’ Boy was founded in 1962 as "Antone’s Import Company" by Jalal Antone.

Jalal was the son of Lebanese immigrants and Antone’s offered imported gourmet foods and spices that especially appealed to the area’s South Asian and Mexican-American immigrants in Houston. His grab and go sandwich, made with fresh baked local bread and his signature Chow Chow sauce, was a hit.

Antone's began offering its po' boys in grocery stores throughout the state.

The six fan-favorites include:

  • The Original: ham, salami, provolone, chow chow (Antone’s secret sauce!), mayo, and pickles
  • Turkey and Swiss: oven roasted turkey, swiss cheese, mayo, and sweet & spicy pickles
  • Tuna: house made tuna salad, provolone, and pickles
  • Premium Roast Beef: sharp white cheddar and creamy horseradish
  • Super Original: same as original but with extra meat and cheese
  • The Piggy: a blend of chopped ham, salami, pepper jack, and provolone with mayo, pickapeppa sauce, and dill pickles

How are Antone's Po' Boys and Antone's Nightclub connected?

The popular Austin music venue opened in 1975. It's owner Clifford Antone was the nephew of Jalal Antone, the owner of Antone's Po' Boys.

In 1968, Clifford moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas.

His parents opened a sandwich shop on Guadalupe, very similar to the family's business in Houston.

Unfortunately, the sandwich shop didn't make it, but it was during this era that Clifford discovered the blues and decided to open his iconic nightclub.

Today, concert goers can enjoy an Antone's sandwich at the venue as well as H-E-B, Randalls, UT football games, and the Austin airport.