19-year-old shot near Onion Creek greenbelt entrance

A man was shot near the entrance to the Onion Creek greenbelt in South Austin on Monday night.

FOX 7 Austin's Kacey Bowen says that around 9:15 p.m. May 24, she was sitting in her car when she heard what sounded like gunshots to her left. 

She says she saw someone running off to the side, then within seconds, a car pulled up behind her and a FOX 7 news unit that was parked beside her.


A man then walked between the two vehicles, possibly the driver of the vehicle, saying "Call 911, I've been shot, I've been shot" repeatedly, says Bowen. The man leaned against the news unit and car, getting blood on both, and then fell on the ground. 

Austin police arrived shortly after Bowen called 911, taking over emergency life-saving measures. Bowen says that the man appeared to have been shot in the leg and arm and that five tourniquets reportedly had to be used to stabilize the victim.

The man, who is reportedly 19 years old, has since been transported to a local hospital and is currently in critical, but stable condition at this time. APD also says they believe this is an isolated incident and there is no ongoing threat to the public.

This story is developing. Check back for updates.