7th Street shooting suspect calls FOX 7 Austin to confess before turning self in

A man is behind bars following a shooting that injured two people near the Austin Police Department headquarters downtown, earlier this week.

The suspect called FOX 7 Austin and confessed to the crime, before turning himself in to police in Fort Worth.

27-year-old Bruce Washington is charged with aggravated assault.

Before police released the identity of the suspect. FOX 7 Austin received a call from a Fort Worth area code, the details from that caller matched those of the person who turned himself in.

The caller said he wanted to bring justice to the victims. "I've been going through a lot and my financial situation is really bad. I don't mind turning myself in to get the victims justice or whatever but I want to get paid for the interview but I'll tell you everything you want to know what happened," said the caller.

When FOX 7 Austin told the caller we do not pay for interviews he chose not to tell us anymore about what happened.

"If it's not going to benefit my family, especially with me going to jail, then I won't tell. I'll just tell my lawyer and see what he wants to do from there but I wanted to call first because my cousin was in there and he was caught with the gun and I don't want him taking the rap," said the caller.

Before hanging up the caller opened up more about his financial situation. "My kids, we are homeless so I don't know what to do."

Washington was in Fort Worth the day after the shooting. When he was asked why he wanted to turn himself in, court documents say he said he, "felt bad for the victims and never meant to hurt them."

On the day of the shooting the arrest affidavit said Washington and another person were being escorted out of a nearby gas station when they made eye contact with people watching. They later confronted the people who were watching which lead to Washington shooting two of them.

Shortly after calling FOX 7 Austin, the court documents said he turned himself in to Fort Worth police.

No word on why he was over there. So far, there have been no other arrests in this case.