Austin woman accuses Burger King of putting racial slur on her receipt

An Austin woman is accusing a fast food restaurant of putting a racial slur on her receipt after she asked for a refund on an incorrect order.

The woman said it was heartbreaking to see what the employee put as the reason for the refund.

"It said the reason that he basically refunded me was because I was an n-word," said the customer.

On Sunday, June 23, around 5:30 p.m., the customer says she went through the drive-thru at the Burger King on North Lamar Boulevard, ordering a fiery wrap and small fry.

"They made my order wrong, so I let them know the food was messed up. ‘Do you mind fixing it, or can I get something else?’ And at first, he was like no, and I was like ‘ok, can I just get my money back,’" the customer said.

She says the employee refunded her, but refused to give her a receipt. Instead, a second employee handed her a 'customer copy' of the receipt.

"I got the receipt, I drove out of the drive-thru, but as soon as I came around the corner I looked down on the receipt," the customer said.

On the receipt, it shows the order, the amount refunded, and the reason was customer, followed by a racial slur.

Customer copy of the receipt

"I went in there, I confronted them. He said he was a manager, but he wouldn't give me his name, corporate number, nothing, and he ran off when I tried to get all the information," the customer said.

The woman says she knows the employee purposely printed the derogatory remark on the receipt and wants the situation rectified.

"He definitely intentionally put it on there. That is why he did not want to give me the receipt, something definitely needs to happen because no one should feel the way I feel right now," the customer said.

She says she is seeking legal counsel and does not plan to return to the fast-food chain.

"It was very, very devastating, just to think that we are still going through that in today’s times. As a black woman, it was just a lot. I will never go back to Burger King again," the customer said.

FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Austin Burger King, and they declined to comment. We also reached out to the Burger King corporate office and are waiting to hear back.