Christopher Taylor trial: Lead investigator in 2020 shooting questioned by defense

Former APD Detective Dan Mireles was back on the stand Monday, Oct. 30 for day six of APD Officer Christopher Taylor’s murder trial.

He was the lead investigator for the officer-involved shooting in 2020. Monday morning, the defense had their chance to ask him questions.

During questioning, Mireles told Defense Attorney Doug O'Connell the DA's Office work in conjunction with investigators during all officer-involved shootings. 

O'Connell questioned if the DA's office worked hand-in-hand with Mireles and other investigators, why did the DA's Office have an issue with how the investigation was handled now in court three years following the incident. Mireles confirmed this is the first time he has heard any criticism from the DA's Office.

Out of the presence of the jury, Judge Dayna Blazey made clear the defense could only ask specific questions to Mireles in front of the jury regarding Ramos’ criminal history. A ruling the state wanted to make clear fell within the specifics.

Those limiting questions were asked by the defense to Mireles. This included if Ramos was arrested before the incident. Mireles responded with, "without seeing his involvement or synopsis with APD, I can't testify to that."


After the defense, State Attorney Rob Drummond brought up a portion of Officer Taylor’s written statement where he claimed Ramos’ car was only inches away from other officers’ patrol units. He asked Mireles if his investigation mirrored those inches and Mireles revealed it did not. He testified that he calculated Ramos' car at about 18–19 feet away from the nearest officer patrol unit.

Mireles told the jury he would have questioned Taylor about that, but could not because Taylor only provided a written statement.

Testimony resumes Tuesday, Oct. 31.