Cornyn says high stakes politics stalls big-ticket issues

Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) said it was good to be in Austin Wednesday talking technology with the military and Texas A&M Chancellor John Sharp. He was far from the high stakes political drama being played out in Washington, but it was a topic he could not avoid.

"And we are anxious to hear what the evidence is that justifies impeaching the President 13 months before the next election,” Cornyn said.

The Senator continues to stand with President Trump in questioning the motives and tactics of the impeachment inquiry that House Democrats have launched.

"Make no mistake this is a political decision, by the Speaker to begin this process and jeopardize our ability to get anything else constructive done,” Cornyn said.

Big legislative issues at risk, according to the Senator, include prescription drug pricing, a highway bill, and the new North American trade agreement. Attempts at a compromise on gun control remain stalled.

"I would say all of those are in jeopardy as a result of this political decision,” Cornyn said.

On Wednesday morning, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed Democrats were doing the “people's work.” Pelosi suggested legislative deals can still be made with the Republican-controlled Senate but also admitted these are divisive times.

"It’s very sad, I don’t see impeachment as a unifying thing for our country,” Pelosi said.

Cornyn questioned the assumption that the chance for compromise has not been compromised.

"I don’t know any rational person who thinks an impeachment inquiry will not have an impact,” said Senator Cornyn.

Cornyn offered no predictions regarding how the political drama involving the president will play out under the capitol dome. He did say the American voters will be the final judges at the ballot box as to whether or not impeachment is the appropriate political strategy.