Robbery of 84-year-old woman in Glendale by 'family of thieves' caught on camera

Glendale police are investigating after the robbery of an elderly woman in broad daylight was caught on camera.

The incident happened on Aug. 26. 

Video shared with FOX 11 from the victim's son shows his 84-year-old mother sitting with a friend in front of a home when a gray SUV pulls up in front of the driveway. 

If you look closely, this same SUV is seen on camera driving up and down on the same street in front of the home several times.

An unknown woman gets out of the car and approaches the two elderly women, giving the victim what appears to be a hug. 

They exchange words and the victim is handed something from the suspect. The victim's son told FOX 11 the suspect was trying to sell his mother a necklace, even trying to put it on her at one point. 

But it's during this time the suspect also takes off the woman's own necklace.


A second suspect and a boy are then seen getting out of the car, with the second suspect approaching the other elderly woman and apparently greeting her by taking her hand and holding it to her forehead. She does the same with the other victim. 

The son told FOX 11 the second suspect then tries to take his mother's wedding ring off her finger, but is unsuccessful. 

Meanwhile, the boy in the background is seen trying to take his shirt off and cover what's happening from being witnessed by passersby. 

Once the first suspect has the victim's necklace, all three walk away from the victims, get into the car, and drive away. 

The Glendale Police Department tells FOX 11 it is continuing to investigate this incident, as it is seeing an uptick in this kind of crime in the city. 

The victim's son said the necklace stolen from his mother was very old and sentimental to her. Because of what happened, he said she is scared to leave her home.