Family, friends surprise Elgin WWII vet with drive-by convoy

A World War II veteran got a sweet surprise on his front porch today after battling some major health challenges. A group of his friends and family from his favorite dance hall decided to get together by organizing a convoy and visit him to lift his spirits up.

Dud Morris is a 96-year-old WWII veteran from Elgin and spent his Sunday afternoon waving at the dozens of cars that rolled past his home.

"I'm feeling good today," said Morris.

Around three dozen cars drove from Granger to Dud’s front porch in Elgin to wave hello to him and his family.

"I thought maybe one or two [cars would come], but I had no idea this many, and I knew all of them pretty well," said Morris.

All the people that drove by are avid goers at the Cotton Country Club Dance Hall in Granger which is Dud’s favorite place to dance every Sunday even at this age.

"That is one of the best places I know. It's really good. It's good, wholesome entertainment for all ages," he said.

Those who go to the Cotton Country Club on Sundays say they are all a family including Dud.

"Fun day Sunday in Granger, Texas. That's what it's all about. It's almost like a family reunion every Sunday," said Bubba Cox with Cotton Country Club Dance Hall.

However, due to some health challenges, Dud has not been there in some time so this family decided they wanted to lift Dud’s spirits and bring the country club to him via convoy.

"It's extremely heartwarming and unprecedented times that we're going through right now so that's what we have to do. We have to come together and we have to help people when they are in need," said Jamie Church, the co-organizer of this convoy.

Dud said he loved every second of it and cannot wait to get back on the dancefloor soon.

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