Georgetown residents celebrate 9-year-old's birthday with parade

A mother in Georgetown says they had to cancel plans they made for their daughter’s birthday due to COVID-19 until a friend suggested to throw a parade. 

Sloane Jones’ family usually celebrates big occasions like birthdays with a party, but COVID-19 has millions of people worldwide making adjustments. So Jones had to see her loved ones in passing but got to see something that made her grin from ear to ear: cars decorated with streamers, music blasting, signs painted, and dozens of cars lined up. 

Although she couldn’t hug or get close to her guests, individually wrapped cookies from a local bakery were passed out so everyone could feel the love. 

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“If they’re going to take the time out to celebrate Sloane it’s a great time to unite and give back to everyone. Not just a celebration for Sloane but for everyone involved,” her mother Rachael Jones said.

Her teacher even stopped by as well as friends on her cheerleading squad. 

The celebration lasted about 45 minutes but I’m sure this will be a birthday her family will always remember. 


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