Family of missing Army veteran searching for answers

Haleigh Murphy is a 22-year-old Army veteran who traveled to Austin from Temple on June 16. According to her mother Becky Mitchell, Murphy went out with her boyfriend that night, but never came home. 

"Quite a few of her friends have come out and told us the last place that they saw her or had seen her on Friday night, which was Eddy's Tavern in Round Rock around 11:30, midnight-ish," said Becky Mitchell, mother of Haleigh Murphy.

Murphy is a mother to a 2-year-old son. When no one heard from her in three days, it raised concern.

"It's not normal for her not to be in any type of contact or to allow her phone to be dead," said Mitchell.

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Haleigh Murphy was reported missing by her mother on June 20. She was last seen in Austin.


Mitchell is a law enforcement officer in the state of Texas, she contacted the missing person's unit on June 20 to make a report.

When FOX 7 Austin reached out to the Austin Police Department to see if there was an active missing person's report, APD says there is an active request to locate.

"It's like they're dragging their feet. Like, I just asked for a wellness check and not, 'Hey, she's missing.' She's gone," said Mitchell.

Mitchell believes her daughter may be in danger and wants her to come back home safely.

"I want them to aggressively follow the leads that people are flooding in with information," said Mitchell.

And a message Mitchell wants to send to her daughter.

"You know, make contact somehow, do something. Because if I'm looking, I'm going to find her," said Mitchell.

The family has set up a gofundme to support finding Haleigh

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Haleigh Murphy please report them to APD at 512-974-5000.