Jarrell ISD bond package aims to address enrollment growth

Many school districts in Central Texas are reaching full capacity, including Jarrell ISD. 

Deborah Benevidez, who is on the Jarrell ISD bond committee, says the elementary schools are above capacity and expects to see double the amount of students enroll by 2030.

"We definitely need the two new elementary schools," Benevidez said. "We have them scheduled to open up two years. So, one opening up in August 2025, and one opening up in August 2027."

The 2023 bond will not only include two new elementary schools, but also a new middle school and renovations to the high school.

"So the additions include additional room for students and bringing us up to a 2,200 student capacity and then also adding CTE general classrooms, an agriculture barn, a gymnasium and fine arts classrooms," said Benevidez.

Benevidez said if there are no new schools, the district will have to purchase portables to house all the students, which concerns some parents.

"There's only so much you can do secure, portable, whether it's from high winds, tornadoes or an active shooter, you have only limited abilities to secure those," said Benevidez.

Money from the bond will also be used to purchase new buses.

"We are wanting to build an operations center that will support our bus, our buses, our fleet or have a fueling station and a maintenance facility so that they're not operating out of the school campuses where they are currently now," says Benevidez.


Jarrell is experiencing rapid growth, and newer homes being built in the district are helping add to the district's taxable assessed value. 

This means if voters approve the 2023 bond, Jarrell residents won't see a tax rate increase.