Jason Landry: Search for missing Texas State student continues in Luling

The search continues for missing Texas State student Jason Landry. It’s been almost two years since he disappeared.

"We all have a common cause, we're all passionate people, we want to find Jason," volunteer Catherine Shellman said.

About 15 volunteers have walked for miles with search dogs looking for Jason Landry. "We just really believe that this family needs and deserves closure," Shellman said.

"No family should have to go to bed at night haunted because they don't know where their loved one is," missing persons advocate Jason Watts said.

Investigators said Landry disappeared on December 13, 2020, driving from San Marcos to his parents’ Houston-area home. On December 14, a volunteer firefighter found Landry’s car crashed and abandoned in Luling. That’s where search efforts continued Sunday.

"A lot of this area does flood, and so we're thinking, God forbid Jason's no longer with us, if his remains were somewhere, they could quite possibly have been spread over a great distance, so we don't want to leave one rock unturned," Shellman said.

She said the mile radius around the crash site has been searching extensively, so crews are looking beyond that.

"We then form what is called a lane pattern search where we all stand in a line side by side, and then we go back and forth over the property in a sweeping motion," Watts said.


Watts said this method with a GPA tracking app works. He said he helped find the remains of his former classmate earlier this year. San Angelo father of four Brandon Lawson had been missing for almost nine years.

Watts said this search for Landry has challenges.

"You've got a lot of grass overgrowth and at this point Jason's been missing for almost two years, that present difficulties because at this point what we're looking for is probably going to be very small, and that grass can cover that up," Watts said.

Watts is hopeful, though. He said he’s found someone before, and he and his crew will do it again.

"I believe it can and will be done in Jason's case, it's just a matter of when," Watts said.