Jason Landry: Volunteers push to double reward money in case of missing Texas State student

As the two-year anniversary of his disappearance approaches, volunteers are working to double reward money in the case of missing Texas State student Jason Landry.

"People have not forgotten about Jason. His community, certainly his family and friends are never going to forget about Jason Landry," said Cyndi Lay.

Lay and Felicia Sundgren started a GoFundMe to help raise money for a reward and other expenses in Landry’s case. Their initial fundraising goal was $10,000. They have doubled their target to $20,000. 

Lay said they plan to put $10,000 toward the existing $10,000 reward, and use the remaining $10,000 for search efforts and awareness. 

"It’s time to do something. It's time to step up. It's time to do that," said Lay. 


The 2020 Thanksgiving break was the last time Landry’s family saw him. He disappeared while driving home to Missouri City from Texas State over winter break. His crashed car was found in Luling. 

"I think that he could be any of our kids, all of us moms can identify with wanting your kids to be safe," said Sundgren, who lives in the same neighborhood as the Landry family. 

Her children attended the same school in a church where Landry’s father serves as pastor. Lay also has a personal connection — she is a Texas State mother. 

"I feel called to come and try to do anything I can to help this family, to help find Jason and to help them get the answers that they need and that they deserve," she said. 

To help with fundraising efforts the women are selling t-shirts. They are holding a vigil in Luling on December 13, the evening Landry disappeared. There will also be a virtual vigil.