Kaitlin Armstrong trial: Courtroom hears screams, gunshots on neighbor's camera

Witness testimony continued Thursday in the murder trial of Kaitlin Armstrong. She’s accused of killing pro cyclist, Anna Moriah Wilson in East Austin last year

According to prosecutors, Armstrong viewed Wilson as a romantic rival.

"The last thing Mo did on this earth was scream in terror, you will hear those screams," Assistant District Attorney Rickey Jones said during opening statements.

The courtroom heard the screams and what seemed to be three gun shots from the surveillance footage from a neighbor who lived near where the murder of Anna Moriah Wilson happened. Wilson’s family and friends in court plugged their ears, put their heads down, and wiped away tears.

More video from neighbors revealed in court showed a dark-colored vehicle driving around the neighborhood on the night of the murder. Prosecutors claimed it was Armstrong’s. The defense said no one saw who was driving that vehicle and there are many owners of dark-colored vehicles in Austin.

Two crime scene specialists also took the stand Thursday. One showed gruesome photos of Wilson’s body after the murder. Wilson was an up-and-coming pro-cyclist, and her bike became a focal point in court. On the night of the murder, it was found in some weeds about 100 feet from the crime scene.

"There’s a very strong likelihood that the DNA on the handlebars including DNA from Kaitlin Armstrong," Jones said during opening statements.


During cross-examination, the defense’s line of questioning appeared to be focused on finding the evidence unreliable or finding flaws in how the evidence was gathered. They also mentioned confirmation bias.

"The state and the officers with the Austin Police Department and scientists they employ, they were so desperate to keep Kaitlin Armstrong in their crosshairs that they had tunnel vision and jumped to conclusion," Kaitlin’s attorney Geoffrey Puryear said.

Armstrong’s sister and Armstrong’s on-again-off-again boyfriend haven’t testified yet.

Cameras are not allowed in the courtroom until closing argument, so follow FOX 7 Austin Crime Watch Reporter Meredith Aldis and FOX 7 Austin 7 On Your Side Reporter Carissa Lehmkuhl for updates.

Court starts back up Friday, Nov. 3 at 9 a.m.