Most beautiful people: Where Texas ranks in the U.S.

A new list is out of American states with the most beautiful people and Texas ranks 3rd.

The study says Texas is home to 10 Miss USA winners, the most of any state.

It also tied for first for the most Teen USA winners with three.

Model Chandra North also calls this state home, as well as former Sexiest Men Alive Patrick Swayze and Matthew McConaughey.

Illinois came in first place in the study, propelled by its high proportion of models, including three Victoria's Secret Angels.

California came in second with an impressive six sexiest men alive including Michael B. Jordan and Ben Affleck, as well as six Angels.

Beauty scores are adjusted based on population.

States With The Most Beautiful Residents

1: Illinois

2: California

3. Texas

4. Nebraska

5. New York

6. Hawaii

7. Oklahoma

8. Vermont

8. Florida

10. North Carolina

**Full dataset is available here used data from beauty pageants, sexy celebrities, Victoria's Secret Angels, and even the number of self-proclaimed models for hire to determine which state has the most beautiful inhabitants.